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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I mentioned in my last trend post about a DIY I was working on. Well here it is. I have been smitten by glitter booties lately. They are everywhere this season. From miu miu to steve madden.The one below is a colin stuart one that can be found on Victoria Secret, which I have been looking at for a few weeks now, hoping to make it part of my closet for fall/winter, but why pay for it when you can practically get it for free. This whole DIY only cost about $3 (minus the shoes I used).

What I used
1. Foam Brush. You can pick it up at any crafts store for less than $.50.
2. Silver Glitter. There are so many glitters to pick from. It all depends on how you want the glitter to look. The one I used is more of a disco dust. It is a Nicole Quality Brand which was less than $2. I wanted super huge rough glitters. You many get the finer/smoother glitters if you are going for a different look.
3. Fabric Paint: I used silver scribbles glitter fabric paint. You may also use fabric glue, the outcome will be the same. If you are using paint and not glue, make sure to buy a paint color that matches your glitter color.

These booties are super old, and when I say old, I mean more than 5 years old. My dad got these for me, I think in high school or early college. I have worn it pretty much every fall/winter since. Any time I do a closet cleanup, its the first item I take out but somehow I always change my mind about getting rid of it. Well am glad I didn't.

1. Using your brush, spread the fabric paint on the parts of the shoe that you will like the glitter. In my case, I applied the fabric at the back and heels of the shoe.
2. Once you have applied the fabric paint, pour your glitter over it. Like magic, the glitter sticks to the paint on the shoe. Remember to do this is a box. I had the shoe over a plastic box before pouring the glitter. This way, you can reuse the glitter that falls into the box. 

Optional: For maximum glitter on the shoes, you can reapply the paint and glitter again for a second time. Just wait for it to dry and repeat the process again over the already covered shoe. Spread paint again and pour glitter over. I will only do this if I were using paint. Applying glue for the second time can be tricky.

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