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Saturday, October 1, 2011

My parents are done building their dream vacation home, and ready to decorate and furnish it. Today was the unofficial move. We had to move everything from the garage into a truck to be shipped off to the house. The garage was filled with stuff, from a jacuzzi to patio furniture to lamps you name it they had it in there. Its a 6 bed 7 bath home and boy did we have to move a ton of stuff to furnish that house took us about 8 hrs. I mean at one point I moved a guitar and no one in my house plays any musical instruments, at least not that I know of. I took a music class in college but lets just say it made calculus look easier. I had been thinking of a perfect excuse all week so I don't have to help but it was too late this morning when my mom started banging on my door at 9am, on the bright side I got to wear sneakers, which I never wear so that was great. Between moving and  lifting boxes I also found out I had no upper body strength, hey at least I learned something about myself, and I have an excuse for the next time I hear the word moving.
The plan was to do some biostatistics homework but I can't even attempt to think in numbers right now. Too exhausted right now. All I have on my mind is a spa treatment. So instead of studying I have been browsing and came across this list on Instyle about the 50 Fashion tips of all Time so I though I would share a few that I live by.

White button ups
If you have been reading my blog regularly, you will notice I wear a lot of white button ups in all shapes and styles. They are my to go to when I can't think of the right top to pair with a skirt or pants.seen here
Accessorize with color
This is an effortless way to look chic. I like the look of neutral colors with pop of colored accessories.seen here
When in doubt, wear nude pumps
Nude pumps go with just about anything so when I can't think of the right pair of shoes I always fall back on my nude pumps which is why I have them in all style and heel height. They are like black pumps, you can't have enough.seen here
Edit your closet
I know there is a rule that if you don't wear a clothing item within the year, get ride of it. This is something I find super hard to do. I like to keep everything, and when I edit I only get rid of one item at a time, not good.

Get some stripe pieces
Trends come and come, but a classic stripe top, especially a 3Q sleeves sweater is always a classic piece to own. You can wear it in so many ways and it especially comes in handy during the weekends when you just want a laid back look.
Change buttons
I can't tell you how many times I buy something from the store and switch the buttons, I usually do this for my coats and blazers, they look different instantly and depending on the buttons you use, the item can look expensive than you paid.
Statement outerwear
Fall is here, soon it will be winter. In New England, its heavy coat wearing time. We are seen in our coats like 80% of the time. So I always make sure to wear colorful, pleated, and statement coats.
Own something leopard
Leopard is on trend right now, and even when it dies down, you can always work it in your outfits ones in a while. Its timeless.seen here
Mix prints and patterns
Wear animal prints with florals, or stripes with polka dots. Do something unconventional with your prints. You will stand out in a good way.seen here
Play with color
A lot of people are afraid of wearing color. I actually like color. Mixing different bold colors in one outfit is fun, fun, fun. If you are not into it yet, try with colored accessories.
Go beyond a blazer
Wear an outfit, add a blazer and like magic it pulls the whole look together. But I also like other options like leather jackets, jean jackets, and army jackets.seen here
There is something about menswear as womenswear that exudes confidence you never even knew you had. I love it!!! seen here
The perfect pair
 Find the perfect pair of classic platform pumps and the perfect pair of jeans. These will always be a part of your closet.seen here
Rework your clothes
Add a modern twist to your vintage pieces, make alterations on some of your clothes to make then different, add something unexpected to your outfit, add bold accessories to your LBD, wear one bold statement jewelry, add your own twist to classic pieces, STAND OUT.

Go here to see the rest of the list.

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  1. Great information.... will definitely work on these tips :)


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