Shoe Jewelry

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Shoe jewelry is a sure way to add some pizzaz and accessorize your basic shoes. I have seen shoe jewelry in various shops and online but never really pay much attention to it. When we were growing up my mom would also get basic shoes and add embellishments to it using a glue gun that was a form of shoe jewelry I guess. When I wear my heels I usually just wear them without and support or insoles or grips etc, until last December when I decided to invest in a few of those jelly stuff and cushions for added comfort. I was in target looking around when I saw this clips for shoes so I just go them to try them out. They do in fact add a different touch/look to the shoes. You can find them in Target, Bakers also has a variety. These clips can be used in so many ways and worn differently each time. My shoe kinda looks more expensive than it really is.

Clip on side

Clip on back

Clip on lower side

Clip on front

Basic Black Satin Pumps: Urbanog

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