Panic Mode

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I drive a dodge nitro. I have had it for a little over two years now. I prefer SUVs and big cars especially in the winter when the roads are covered in snow. The four wheel comes in handy. I was exiting the highway when I saw an orange light on my dashboard and immediately went into panic mode. I reached for the car manual and began flipping through to find out what went wrong. Well turns out the orange light indicates that one of my tire is loosing air which means it can over heat and burst if I continue driving. Extra panic mode. At this point I had no idea what to do. Luckily there was a MIDAS down the street. The mechanic was so nice he took and look right away and figured out the problem within 2 minutes at no charge. Well I panicked for no reason. The tires were fine, the car was just acting up. This was my first ever technical probelm with this car and I hope not to run into such problems anymore. I took these pictures while waiting for the mechanic to take a look at the problem. Hey might as well, why not. I think I was attempting a pin up look with this outfit.I even had a fluffy little bow in my hair but took it out after the panic.

Full black skirt: Forever21
Block heels: Forever21
Strapless animal print top: Store in mall, Closed now
Red shoulder bag: Target
Earrings: Nahla Franklin

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