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Friday, September 23, 2011

I love shoes, this is no secret. I think the shoes make the outfit most of the time. You can buy a million dollar dress but without the right shoe, it just might look 20 bucks. I like to invest in my shoes rather than my clothes. I think I own way too many shoes. I can't tell you exactly how many because my mom might read it and get a mild heart attack, but lets just say in the hundreds. My boyfriend came across this website, where you can actually design your own shoes, he knows my relationship with shoes very well. Being that he is an athlete, you would think he is the plain T sweats kind of guy, but he is actually the opposite as he is into fashionable clothing. Some of his favorite places to shop are Zara, Nordstrom, ASOS, Express, and Aldos, which makes it easier when we go shopping together because I shop in the same places as well.
So back to milkandhoneyshoes. You think of a shoe and you can probably desgin it. Anything from flats to  booties. You can pick the color, the material, the heel, platform, trimmings, embelishments, straps, buckles, just about anything you can think off. Its like an interactive virtual online game almost because while you design, there is an online stylist available that you can chat with if you have any questions. The shoes start from about $200 and up depending on your personalizations. I went on to play around a little and these of some of my designs. This is my new shoe source now. He created a monster by introducing me to it. His task now is to desgin something for me, lets see what he comes up with.

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