DIY-Polka dot nails

Friday, September 9, 2011

Heres how to achieve a polka dots nails without actually using the nails art nail polishes in the narrow tubes.
What you need:
Two nail polish of your choice, a tooth pick, and a little cut out card or paper, something you can throw out after
Paint your nails with a desired color, I usually use a sally Hansen maximum growth formula as my base before I apply any nail color on. Allow for the nail polish to dry.
Now on your cut out card, put a little bit of the nail polish you will be using for the polka dots. Before you begin, cut the pointy sharp tip of the toothpick off with scissors. This should make the tip a little rounder rather than pointy. It does not only give you better polka dots but will also avoid you from poking yourself with the sharp pointy tip. Once toothpick is cut, all you have to do is deep your toothpick in the nail polish on the card and apply it on your finger nails. The finished results should look something like the picture below.
And there you have it, polka dot nails. Have fun mixing colors!

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