Makes me Wanna Dance

Thursday, August 25, 2011

There is something about these palazzo pants that makes me wanna dance. This is coming from someone with limited dance abilities. I just don't dance. I promised to take my sisters and cousin back to school shopping. I have been little busy and school is quickly approaching so I took the day off to do that. We live in a city not a town a city but sadly we have no mall. Ok i take it back, we have a mall but anyone hardly goes there. The only shops that will make me drive to that mall will be TJ Maxx and maybe old navy. Besides that there is nothing interesting related to clothing. So we always have to go to neighboring towns and cities to find decent mall. Today we are headed to the providence place mall in Rhode Island which is about 40 mins drive away.

Blue palazzo pants: ASOS
Leopard print belt: Tilly's
White button ups: New York and Company

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