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Monday, August 15, 2011

So I mentioned yesterday that I was headed to CT to meet a few girlfriends and then back to Boston for a wedding. My friend and her hubby organized a weekend filled with activities for the youth at their church and I finally got the chance on Sunday to attend the last day of activities. I have a few French speaking friends and the activites on Sunday was held in French. I can count of my fingers (and maybe toes) how many words I can say in French but I enjoyed it nonetheless. We then headed to Boston for the wedding of another French friend, luckily both the ceremony and reception were mixed with English so I was able to understand little parts of it.
Ruffle top: New York and Company
Floral print skirt: Nahla Franklin
Nude pumps: Urbanog

I made this skirt and I absolutely love it. My mom's friend came over the other day and she told me about a new fabric store opened a few miles from where I live called "That $1.99 Fabric Store". The name says it all. Every single fabric in the store is $1.99 a yard. Before she could even finish talking I was pulling out of the driveway. I went for a fabric haul. I got there and couldn't believe it. A dream come true. I filled my trunk up with fabric. The skirt is made of one of the fabrics I bought. I still have tons of different fabric pilled up in one corner of my room awaiting to meet my sewing machine.

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