Ankara Pencil Maxi

Monday, May 14, 2018

IMG_0853 I was supposed to be sleeping Saturday night, then after a mild case of insomnia sets in, I decided to ditch the sheets and sew instead. This is the pencil dress I made and I couldn't wait to wear it. The whole time I was making it, I just knew it will go well with a white shirt. Then I went to pick up a white top and the first thing that caught my eye is this top which I got over a year ago and haven't had the chance to wear it.

IMG_0854I actually like the midi length even though it was a mistake. I wanted something right below my knee. If you sew at all, then you know sewing with patterns can be tricky especially when you want to showcase the patterns and  align them perfectly. You also always use more fabric than you need, with most if it going wasted. I cut the length longer to align my pattern and my plan was to cut it shorter ones the dress was done. I tried it on halfway and decided to keep the length.

Also, is it just me or its normal for your feet to shrink with weight loss? I started my fitness journey over a year ago and my feet have noticeably gotten smaller. These basic black pumps are one of my fave but I nearly fell four times while wearing them because they just kept falling off. I have always worn size 8.5 but with all my new shoes purchases, I go for 8 now.

Puff Sleeves

Sunday, May 6, 2018

IMG_0834 You know that one item you find in the store and aren't so sure if you should get it then you realize your friend is eyeing in? That was this top at HM a few days ago. I first picked it up for the color but it didn't have great hanger appeal so I thought, perhaps I should put it back. Then my friend looks at me and says " i will take it if you put it back". Say not more. That was all the assurance I needed to pull the trigger.

Floral Splash

Monday, April 23, 2018

IMG_0746 Happy Monday folks! Its finally feeling like spring around here and I am oh so ready to bring out some spring clothing, especially colors and prints.
This skirt and top is from the Peter Pilotto target collection from a few years ago. That was by far my favorite target collection to date. I think I got everything from that collection. The bag is a TJ Maxx find!

Kente Lady

Friday, November 3, 2017

kente I hope you have been keeping up with me on Instagram. You should if you are not for a more day to day look into my life. But, just in case you aren't, I got married. Hence the hiatus. I am back now and will be posting more regularly. To kick things off, I am posting this dress I made at the very last minute. I was literally sewing in on my way out the door.