Wooden Timepiece

Saturday, March 25, 2017

jord watch I feel like I go through phases when it comes to my accessories. In college, it was all about cocktail rings and statement earrings. Then I got really interested in statement necklaces. These days, it is all about minimalist midi rings and anything for the wrist. I have recently been collecting bracelets and watches and this one from JORD Watches is the newest addition. How cool is it that the watch is made of wood. Perfect for the upcoming seasons. It is sure to be a conversation starter when you wear it. I can't stop wearing mine. Here is the exciting news. You can get one for yourself by entering this giveaway. Simply click here and enter. The winner gets a $100 gift code towards a watch of their choice, and trust me there is a lot to pick from for both men and women. Even if you don't win the grand price, don't worry you get a $25 gift code just by entering. Giveaway ends April 16th so enter and tell a friend to tell a friend. Good Luck!

Floral Metallic

Thursday, February 9, 2017

metallic Its been a while hasn't it? Truth is I am currently searching for a photographer to work with for the blog and its been quite the task. So until then, my posts will be sporadic.

Black and Gray

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Black and Gray So apparently this year, I never really caught the Christmas bug. I honestly haven't been in the spirit what so ever. My goal tonight is to make an outfit to wear tomorrow to salvage whatever that is left of Christmas. In the meantime, here is an outfit from last weekend.

Blue and Mustard

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

mustard I am back from my hiatus. Had to put blogging on hold because, one thing after the other, nothing was going as planned. For starters, I lost the charger for my camera. I searched everywhere for weeks  in an effort not to buy a new one. Eventually, I got a new one and guess what, I found my old charger...sigh.

Ankara Gown

Thursday, October 27, 2016

ankara evening cown Whats a girl to wear to a gala organized by young African professionals. An ankara gown of course. This is the result of hasty sewing. The dress is no where near done but I was running out of time and had to wear it as is. I plan on finishing it and wearing it again for another event.